Specialist Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

Brains are extremely complex and much surrounding the way they function still remains a mystery; however, there is much that we do know, and to this we can apply our psychological knowledge. Psychology itself refers to 'study of the soul', and provides a valuable insight into the wonderment of the human brain.


Psychotherapy involves speaking, and attempts to verbalise your thoughts, discovering the unconscious conflicts affecting you. This approach helps those wanting to make an overall change in direction - which may entail your relationships, your work ambitions or your general outlook on life.


Hypnosis can be used to increase your motivation, or even alter undesirable behaviour patterns e.g. smoking and over-eating. It allows access to memory files, finding the root cause of the phobia or addiction - and to remove it


The type of counselling offered will depend on you, and your issues; cognitive therapy, which encourages positive thinking, is one of several reliable and beneficial methods.

About Tom Willingson

When it comes to our counselling services, Tom Willingson has a variety of methods to help you find the root of the problem, confront and deal with it. Each method varies from person to person, and the nature of the underlying problem; this is also true as to how long the problem will take to be resolved.

Tom Willingson DHS, Dip THP, MNACHP is highly qualified in the field of psychotherapy and counselling and has been in practice since 1984; he is also an Associate Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and is bound by its code of ethics.

Counselling Services

There are a large range of counselling methods that may be suitable for your needs. Call me to discuss your needs and I will give you the impartial information that you need and the best way to proceed.
Counselling Services - Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Enjoy Your Life
Counselling Services - Phobias Therapy

Phobias Therapy

Get rid of your fears
Counselling Services - Quit Smoking

Quitting Smoking

Face your habit
Counselling Services - Anger Management

Anger Management

Learn to control your temper
Counselling Services - Weight Loss

Weight Loss Therapy

Forget your over eating habit
Counselling Services - Inappropriate Behaviour

Inappropriate Behaviour

Learn to fit into society

What Clients Think and Say

There is no one better placed to tell you about me and the services that I offer than my previous clients. Those people whose lives I have helped and changed for the better. Names have been changed for anonymity reasons.
Sam - Eton Wick

Sam - Eton Wick

Psychotherapy Client

"I was struggling to find success in my business, What Tom helped me discover was that I was standing in my own way and subconsciously blocking my own success due to how I had been treated at school."

Jodie - Slough

Jodie - Slough

Hypnotherapy Client

"Thanks to Tom I gave up smoking easily and without any stress at all. I had tried for years and never realised that stopping was as simple as a change in my thought process and that it was completely in my control to change".

Dean - Windsor

Dean - Windsor


"Thanks to Tom I have managed to get control of my anger management issues. I was blaming and targeting my anger at everyone else without ever realising that the key issue was actually within me and I was able to take control of it."

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Due to personal reasons, Tom Willingson is no longer practising and will not be returning to practice. If you one of Tom Willingson's curretn clients and have any questions regarding your personal details held by Tom Willingson, please contact his Solicitor, Christopher Lawn at christopher@londonlawpractice.com
If you wish to consult someone else in Tom Willingson’s profession, please contact one of his professional governing bodies below.

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